Online Resources and Communities

Canadian OTO Bodies

OTO Canada National Lodge

Red Flame Encampment – Edmonton, AB
Daughter of Sunset Lodge – Vancouver, BC
Victorious City Lodge – Victoria, BC
Trees of Eternity Encampment – St. John, NB
Force and Fire Oasis – London, ON
Pheonix Lodge – Montreal, QC
Rabelais Encampment – Saskatoon, SK


Toronto Thelema Group

Thelemic Resources

Thelemapedia – A Thelemic Wikipedia
The Hermetic Library – An extensive Thelemic and Magickal online library
IAO131 – The website of Frater IAO131
LAShTAL.COM – The Aleister Crowley Society website – The US OTO Grand Lodge website
Zero Equals Two – A Thelemic news website


Thelema Now!
Living Thelema
Speech in the Silence