On Wisdom

The more strongly we assert an enemy, the greater the force of opposition built up and the more firmly the enemy is established.

At times relentless opposition is the proper tool for the job. At other times it only creates and sustains an enemy, far from defeating that posited enemy.

Wisdom is using understanding of the proper tool applied with the proper kind and degree of force to the proper object at the proper time. The fact that a tool worked efficiently at one time is not a reasonable argument for using it at all other times.

“There are means and means” — for example, sometimes destruction of one’s enemy means destruction of the “enemy” aspect, so that the antagonism is resolved or eliminated. Experience informs, and success is your proof.

“Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the Law of the Battle of Conquest.”

Being reactionary, and simply reacting the same way in all situations, is bad tactic. (Though that depends strongly on what the true motives driving us are, rather than the ones we rationalize and convince ourselves or others of.)

Frater AL H-ShMATh